Lorenzo Malloni is an undisciplined architect and artist with an excitement for what is radically different. He graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with a degree in Environmental Architecture, and went on to earn a double degree in Architecture at Tongji University in Shanghai.

During his time in China, Lorenzo organized events in post-industrial locations and documented the lives of Shanghai’s migrant workers in a series of documentaries. In 2014, he collaborated with the Moving Cities Think Tank to create the exhibition “Adaptation in China,” which was showcased at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale. Three of Lorenzo’s video-graphic works were featured in the exhibition.

From 2016, Lorenzo embarked on a comprehensive personal research called “The Ensemble Project,” which focuses on modular and temporary architecture. He created and staged prototypes of various models, ranging from scenographies to emergency shelter proposals.

From October 2019 to June 2022, Lorenzo worked closely with artist Tomas Saraceno as the head of production for the Aerocene department in Berlin. He is still the coordinator for the Italian community of the Aerocene foundation, organizing workshops and collective activities in socially marginalized environments.

In August 2021, Lorenzo held his first workshop on collective construction for the pavilion Rudimento Primo, which inaugurated the series “Rudimenti” – an imaginary atlas of quasi-architectures that are essential, temporary, modular. “Rudimenti” is an attempt towards technological simplification and an invitation to think about a future that is not necessarily urban, but nomadic, in remote lands where he has witnessed new avant-gardes emerging.