Inspired by the construction concept of “space-frame”, Tetrahedron is capable of expansion keeping impressive features of lightness and solidity.


Wollohes are light and compact modular volumes that can be assembled in groups trough the correspondence of circular shapes subtracted form their surface.
Wolloh’s genesis lies in the exploration of the concept of shadow on a perfectly enlighten parallelepiped by opening spherical cavities in its body. What should be in the light is turned into dark by creating vacuum in a volume.


Arisen from the observation of a pond, two-dimensional surface capable of impressing the reflection of its surroundings and, at the same time, by changing the observation point, a window on a depth.
A bronzed glass disk thus reveals only partially and relatively the iron tripede hand-forged structure on which it rests, where three triangles assume the form and exact proportions for the discharge of the weights to ground while being held together by a pyramidal irregular volume. The result brings back to an image tied to the lacustrine environment: the Water Lily (Nymphaea)


Designed as a boutique forniture piece, Rear Mirror plays with the ambivalence of reflection of the two sides, a front face that reflects real colours and a back one that darkens the light tones.
Mounted on a metal support that holds the mirror with just three junctions, Rear Mirror stands on a wheeled ring that allows orienting it in the space.


Homage is the stool that celebrates the artisanal roots of the MALLONI brand and enhances the industrial nature of its spaces.
The model for the solid wood seat has been realised in the same way in which are processed the wooden shapes of the shoes and filler, the support structure is a skilful composition of metal carpentry elements that leaves exposed the natural color of the iron and precise weld imperfections, emphasising the two main beloved materials used by the brand in designing their own spaces: raw iron and wood.


Simple, comfortable, resistant, washable, suitable to any context.
The chair ‘Adequate’ was born by blending tailoring techniques and design requirements. The upholstery is made of EVA, a plastic elastomer commonly used in the shoes industry, this time applied like a thick fabric, with a tailor-made sewing to give it an ergonomic shape and allow grater comfort. Available in a wide range of colours.


Stratigraphic, table and stool. 
From the composition of several layers of plywood, juxtaposed progressively varying the section, they generate simple and elegant volumetric forms. The combination of birch sheets with alternated directions of wood fibers generates streaked pattern with irregular shades and iridescent chromaticism